Board of Directors

Benjamin Levy, LEVYdance Founder

Louise Rothman, President

Stephen Wiel, Treasurer

Giselle Bosc, Secretary

Lauren White, Director

Edwin Waite, Director

Victoria Irwin, Director

Karen Wiel, Director

Bob Trombly, Director

LEVYdance is governed by an actively involved nine-member volunteer board of directors united by their passion for the company’s work.

The board is supported by three committees who further guide operations.


LEVYdance seeks new members to join its board. Joining a committee provides a valued way to engage with the company prior to full board commitment. Board meetings occur at 7:00PM on the fourth Thursday of every month, External Relations Committee meetings occur monthly one hour prior to board meeting, the Finance and Governance Committee meets quarterly one hour prior to board meeting, and the Celebration Committee meets as needed.

Interested? Email Business & Development Manager Brandon Ahlstrom today.