LEVYdance Summer Intensive

A week-long intensive for professional and pre-professional dancers. More information on the Summer Intensive.


LEVYsalon is a micro-residency program designed to give up-and-coming artists of all disciplines a platform for expression and experimentation. Each quarter, we invite ten artists or ensembles to spend ten hours each at LEVYstudio to play, take risks, and—in short—make something new. The program concludes with an evening showcase, and each artist/ensemble presents five minutes of a work in progress. More information on LEVYsalon.

ROMP Audition

LEVYdance seeks 9 highly skilled, adventurous community dancers to join the company for ROMP December 4 & 5, 2015 at the JCCSF. ROMP is an immersive experience where audience and performers inhabit the stage together, raising the stakes for live performance and creating a welcoming environment that is charged with possibility. More information on how to audition for ROMP.

The LEVYdance Laboratory


LEVYdance has long been on the cutting edge of collaboration, creative exploration, and innovation. The Lab takes this discovery to the next level. In two modules — Physical Labs and Process Labs — dancers, teachers and collaborators from various disciplines — will have the chance to push personal comfort zones and expand their capacity in creation and performance. More information on the LEVYdance Laboratory

AMP (Artists Maximizing Potential)

AMP is a comprehensive program that innovates the single choreographer dance company model through inviting a choreographer and his or her dancers to engage in an 8 week residency to create a new work. The program supports the artistic process from research and development to production and touring. More information on AMP.

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a participatory installation which integrates choreography into a virtual, interactive experience, exploring themes of group dynamics, choice, and social boundaries.