• Choreographed by:
  • Lighting Design:
  • New Media Design:
  • Music:
  • Original/Premiere Dancers:
  • Premiere:
  • Bemjamin Levy in creative partnership with LEVYdance
  • Lucas Krech
  • Mary Franck
  • Original composition by Jeremy Zuckerman
  • Benjamin Levy, Aline Wachsmuth
  • Dance Place, Washington, DC, 2009

Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly

Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly is an exploration of instant-access communication as both moderator and interference in human connectivity. Audiences are invited to move with LEVYdance through an active space where captured motion, interactive video, and soundscape surround the audience and performance space, blurring the line between participant and observer.

“Especially striking was a section in which Wachsmuth left the stage, but a video of her dancing was projected on the floor. Levy lay down next to her image and began dancing with it, creating the beautifully sad impression of a relationship that is wrought with emotion and yet strangely devoid of true connection. Webcams and other bells and whistles aside, it is profoundly interesting to watch Levy move. He’s built a distinctive dance style with unfurling arms, coiling wrists and an undulating spine all part of his stock in trade. Each movement bleeds into the next, and sharp lines and airy jumps are few and far between. It’s a hard style to duplicate, but Wachsmuth has it mastered. Their stylistic cohesion makes for a strong onstage partnership and boosts the impact of this work.”
– Sarah Halzack, The Washington Post, January 25, 2010

“By the end of the piece, we are shaken, and we are moved. We have partaken in something. We have connected—with Ben, Aline, and even each other. … This is what dancing can do when it pushes past performance: re-make us human; allow for empathy’s conception.”
-Dalia Ratnikas, The Brooklyn Rail, March 2010