• Choreographed by:
  • Lighting Design:
  • Set Design:
  • Sound Design:
  • Costuming:
  • Premiere:
  • Benjamin Levy and Alex Ketley in creative partnership with LEVYdance and The Foundry
  • Benjamin Levy and Alex Ketley
  • Michael Baushke
  • Benjamin Levy and Alex Ketley
  • Benjamin Levy and Alex Ketley
  • Z Space, San Francisco, May 17, 2012

Low Down

A creative collaboration exploring the body’s ability to communicate. LEVYdance Artistic Director, Benjamin Levy, and The Foundry Artistic Director, Alex Ketley, engaged both companies to mutually explore the body’s ability to tell a story. Can a language of movement be developed that communicates specific meaning, while maintaining the profound expression inherent in dance? The artists used found and invented texts as inspiration for choreographic exploration, looking at context, rhythm and meaning to inspire movement generation.

The piece integrates the aesthetics of both choreographers and infuses the work with the performance sensibilities of both companies, producing a unified performance that is entirely new.