• Choreographed by:
  • Production Design:
  • Music:
  • Additional Sound Design:
  • Costume Design:
  • Original/Premiere Dancers:
  • Premiere:
  • Benjamin Levy in creative partnership with LEVYdance
  • Sarah Phykitt
  • Original composition by Kardash (Marty Huerta and Murat Bayhan)
  • Kevin Carnes
  • Bianca Cabrera
  • Aline Wachsmuth, Ali Schechter, Morgelyn Tenbeth-Ward, Bianca Cabrera
  • ODC Theater Inaugural Season Opening Program, 2010

Our Body Rembers

Our Body Remembers explores the ancestral intelligence hidden in our bodies that follows us through our modern lives. Do we carry the memories and experiences of our ancestors in the form of tastes, smells, and textures that trigger visceral responses in our bodies? Do these inherited responses determine our daily choices and help determine who we are?

LEVYdance Artistic Director, Benjamin Levy, looks through the lens of his Persian Jewish heritage to see what of his ancestry remains in his body. Using the spiraling pathways of ethnic Persian dance as a springboard, Levy creates a landscape that blends the traditional and contemporary to explore what family and community mean to us in an age of homogeny and access.


“The choreography is confrontational, unremitting and fills the space with cunning.”
-Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 23, 2010

“LEVYdance strips away the layers that have accumulated in our bodies, sending us back into an inchoate state of being. If I understood choreographer Levy correctly, he looks at this unspooling with a mix of trepidation, bemusement, and awe.”
-Rita Felciano, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Oct. 26, 2010