• Choreography:
  • Lighting Design:
  • Music:
  • Costume Design:
  • Original/Premiere Dancers:
  • Benjamin Levy in creative partnership with LEVYdance
  • Jim French (original design by Greg Emetaz)
  • Original composition by Christopher Lancaster
  • Jhia Louise Jackson (original design by Avila Hamp)
  • Lily Dwyer Begg, Cambria Garell, Christopher Hojin Lee, Pearl Wong


pOrtal [is] all about being on the edge of something and the importance of falling forward to it. Levy’s choreographic abandon coupled with the dancer’s total commitment birthed an unprecedented level of excitement. There was no hesitation, no fear, no trepidation. pOrtal brings together two primary narratives: living into the unknown while still working toward a greater goal.” – Critical Dance