• Choreographed by:
  • Production Design:
  • Music:
  • Costume Design:
  • Original/Premiere dancers:
  • Premiere:
  • Benjamin Levy in creative partnership with LEVYdance
  • Jack Beuttler
  • Brass Menazeri, the Platters, Matmos, A Silver Mt Zion, Balkan Beat Box
  • Crystal Chou
  • Melodie Casta, Benjamin Levy, Scott Marlowe
  • Z Space, San Francisco, November 2011


ROMP is an immersive experience where audience and performers inhabit the stage together, raising the stakes for live performance and creating a welcoming environment that is charged with possibility. The piece was named one of the “Top 10 Dance Moments of 2011” by The San Francisco Chronicle.

“LEVYdance’s delicious ROMP’ is a moving menu of passing delicacies as dancers slithered, cavorted, and leapt in close-up. The audience ate it up.” -San Francisco Bay Guardian

Artistic Director Benjamin Levy creates a new relationship between audience and performer that heightens and activates the role of the viewer. ROMP seats dancers and audience members together at banquet tables, providing a familiar setting for everyday interactions to transform, creating an increasingly surreal and hyper-expressive world. Whether playful and exuberant or emotionally raw, this world unites audience and performer together in the experience. LEVYdance’s signature partnering and dynamic physicality are witnessed at close range, amplifying the intimate connections inherent in Levy’s work. LEVYdance is joined by a cast of nine dancers from the community, creating a cast of twelve.